For Families

Finding a nanny or sitter can be a very overwhelming task. We are here to make it as painless as possible.

Getting started

Call 512-766-8369, email or submit a form online. We will then contact you by phone.

Types of care

Full-time nannies work long-term for at least 30 hours a week.

Part-time nannies work in several different ways. Working less than 30 hours a week for the long term (ex: after school care). Working over 30 hours a week for less than a year (ex: summer vacation care).

Babysitters work as needed by families. Families use babysitters for date-nights or if their regular nanny is unavailable.

Phone Interview

Once we have received your submission, we will contact you for a phone interview. During the phone interview we will get through all the basic questions. What type of care are you looking for? How many children do you have? etc

Home Interview

Once we have all the basic details, a home interview is done by us with your family. We want to get to know you, and find out what is most important to your family. Our goal is for families and caregivers to have compatible personalities.

Agency cost

Those looking for full-time and part-time care pay a $500 retainer after the family home interview. When a nanny is matched with a family, the agency is owed 5% of the nannies annual salary.

Example: Nanny is paid $18 an hour. Their yearly salary would be $37,440. The agency is owed $1,872 when nanny is placed.

If a family is looking for a part-time nanny 6% of the nannies annual salary for a long term job, and 7% of the prorated salary for a short term job is paid.

Example: Nanny is paid $18 an hour for a 6 month job. Her total pay for those six months is $8,640. The agency is owed $604.80 when the nanny is placed.

Matching you with a nanny

Once we have all the information from your family, we will schedule interviews between you and our nannies. Interviews will take place in your home or a location of your choosing. Your favorite will have a trial week with your family. If you like all your candidates, have a trial week with each.

Paying nannies and sitters

Nannies and sitters are paid directly by the families. Wilco Nannies does not pay caregivers or facilitated payments between families and caregivers.

Sitters should be paid at the end of their scheduled time. Sitters can be paid with the traditional cash, mobile pay, or any other preferred method.

Nannies can be paid in several different ways. The most common ways are direct deposit, mobile pay, or payroll services such as Homepay.

What if I am just looking for a babysitter?

Families looking for a babysitter go through the same phone interview process as nanny families. However, once a family is ready to use our services, a simple $35 is paid monthly to access our sitter database. No trial weeks are required with babysitters.

Is a nanny a household employee or a contractor?

In the state of Texas a “household employee” is someone who is paid more than $2400 in a year. Which means almost all nannies are household employees.

Some nannies work multiple jobs or for multiple families. If that is the case, a nanny may prefer to deduct their own taxes at the end of the year and would be considered a “contractor”.

Every situation is different. Be sure to speak to your nanny about their payment preference, and your accountant about your employer financial responsibilities.