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North Austin Family
Two Children Ages 10 and 4
Part-Time School-Year Nanny
Monday/Wednesday : 3-6:30pm
Tuesday/Thursday : 3-7:30pm

Full or part time gig, Wilco Nannies is here to support you.  We want all of our nannies to be treated as professionals. For some, that means a short-term employment supporting you as you work toward a bigger goal.  For others, it is a long-term opportunity in one of the most fulfilling careers around.  All of our nannies will be given the opportunity to advance their careers with education and training. We all must work to make sure that we, and our nanny kids, live healthy and happy lives.

Babysitting jobs

Open Jobs

All sitting jobs have been filled.

Sitters are so important to a family, even if it is just for one night.  Sitters will make a minimum $18 an hour.  Rates are adjusted based on experience and holidays.  Sitters aren’t just important for families, but also for nannies.  When nannies need a day off, sitters keep everyone’s day running smoothly. 


All nannies and sitters must be 18 and over, submit to a background check, provide at least two references, and be CPR certified.

Background checks are conducted through

If you have no previous job experience, personal references are recommended (teachers, coaches, etc…)

What is the interview process like?

All sitters and nannies will have a phone interview for basic background questions. What childcare experience do you have? Are you comfortable with pets?

After your phone interview, an in-person interview is done to get to know you better. It is so important for families and caregivers to get along. We want families and caregivers to have a good working relationship.


All sitters and nannies have a starting pay of $18 per hour. Nannies hourly pay will increase based on their experience and education.

Sitters pay will increase based on experience, number of children, and holiday pricing. Sitters should expect to make more on important holidays like New Years Eve or July 4th.

Educational opportunities

We want all caregivers to have access to more educational and certification opportunities. While CPR certification is required, other certifications can be very helpful when watching children.

Example: Water Safety Certification, First Aid Certification, Special Needs Care certification, etc…


All families are required to offer nannies paid time off, guaranteed hours, and a yearly contract detailing job expectations. It is important that nannies and families have a clear understanding of their job duties and responsibilities.

Where to get CPR certified

Search the Red Cross website for a class located near you. Make sure the class is “pediatric” focused. When class is completed, send a copy of your certification card to While you’re there, see what other certifications are available. The more certifications you have, the more you can make!